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Thursday, October 20, 2016

LIVE Trading On 17 Oct At SGX

More than 150 people came on the Monday morning 17 Oct to watch `A Live Trading’ demo session at SGX Centre where I traded the Hang Seng Futures Index  and STI.   I found out that all the participant except one has never watch a Live Trading session like this one. Many took leave to come as they were curious to find out how a professional trader conducts Intraday or Day trading on  Hang Seng Index. At  0900 , I started by showing the crowd the overnight chart of Hang Seng and ask them whether they would be bullish or bearish on HSI index by just looking  at the HSI chart. The response was muted and mixed, the crowd was not certain  which direction HSI will trade when it opens for trading at 0915.

I told them I too do not know where HSI will be heading if I don’t have a plan. I show them my HSI  Trade Plan or I would sometimes call my `Battle Plan’. I told the crowd that from analysis of my tradeplan I believe the HSI will be weak and will trade down today.

On trade plan were only  trendlines and support resistance lines derived from volume analysis. I explained that that’s how my  tradeplan will look like because my core strategy is using Price and Volume analysis.

Right from the opening bell at 0915 to 1130  there  was plenty of action of action. I switched my  HSI chart from the daily and 30 Min timeframe to the 1 min timeframe to execute my trades.

It was a great day for me because the Hang Seng Index moved exactly according to my tradeplan, prices were resisted  at every planned resistance lines and supported at every planned support lines.

I was glad the participants were convinced at the end of the session that trading is never by chance or a form of gambling, it involves a skill set that could be acquired through training and trading.

Overall it was an memorable experience for me and the participants.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Best World

On 8 Sep this blog correctly predicted Best World has peaked and could be heading for 1.29.
After the call was made Best World started its descend to a low of 1.275 today and rebound to close at 1.415.

Market Outlook 5 Nov 2016 - Register Now

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


On 5th October, UPP acquired of 58.3% of Canadian-listed Taiga Building Products for C$18.9mn. Taiga Building Products is the largest independent wholesale distributor of building products in Canada. Taiga maintains substantial inventories of building products at fifteen strategically located distribution centres throughout Canada and two distribution centres in California. It also  operates three wood preservation plants that produce pressure-treated wood products. UPP also announce the issue of 1 warrant for every 1 existing ordinary share with an exercise price of SGD0.37.

With Taiga onboard, UPP is changing its business model, investors are clearly optimistic about the latest acquisition pushing the share price up 35% after the announcement. The price action is showing bullish momentum not seen since 2012. With Mr Ting Kooi Tong anf Peter Lim as its main stakeholder this blog believe we are at the early stage of a bull run and there is more excitement ahead.


Monday, October 17, 2016

Hang Seng Index

The next fall could be steep! Broke below crucial support at 23250 and below 25 days MA is a prelude to a steep fall ahead. Could be heading for next support at 22800 but eventual target is 22100.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Chinese RMB

Chinese RMB broke above its July high at 6.70 and is firmly on the way to its next target 6.80 to 6.90. A break above this level trigger waves of selling in Emerging and Asia markets particularly Hang Seng. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Thai Beverage

A big wave of selling unleashed by fund house today. Selling pressure should continue to bring it to next support at 0.855 with eventual downside at 0.74.



The long ongoing discussion with Alibaba for further collaboration has stalled thrice as both parties were not able to fufill certain condition laid down in the initial investment agreement. The deadline is the end of Oct. Could the appointment of the new CEO Sam Ang lead to a positive outcome this time round? This blog is watching The Postman price action closely and must say that there has been very good support at 1.525 and 1.53 inspite of the weak STI. Singpost next resistance is 1.58 , however if there is an positive outcome it could go as high as 1.70 from a chart point.